Hi, I’m Kiara. 👋

I’m a freelance copywriter from Cincinnati, specializing in finance.

For the last decade I’ve worked in traditional finance at some of the largest companies
conducting risk based modeling for emerging markets.

In early 2017 I transitioned to a compliance role at DCG Group and have since
been strong advocate for decentralized finance.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with great people around the world and learn how macro and micro trends shape global finance. My journey has led me to the crossroads of writing about my experiences and also helping minority groups learn about personal finance and macro economics.

Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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Over the last decade I’ve had the privilege of working with experts from all facets of the finance world.

I’ve gone through a journey of interpersonal growth as both an investor and as a employee of several large financial corporations.

I understand the knowledge gap that divides most of America and hope to educate.. and inspire people on the first leg of that journey.

Whether your startup or a well established company looking to increase organic traffic and drive leads to your products I can help.

It all starts with attention and the best way to capture and nuture that is with great content that both educates and helps readers solve their problems.

  • Even though copywriting is creative work, we possess an incredibly large amount of data at our fingertips.
  • I don’t believe we can allow this data to be ignored.
  • Needless to say, copywriters who are armed with data are a necessity in today’s world, and especially when it comes to discussing fintech and finance-related topics.
  • Data-driven copy is about creating copy that goes beyond simply increasing views or conversions. It’s about actually understanding what data is telling us on a more granular level versus simply reading a percentage or a statistic.
  • The true art of data-centric copy is in determining the implications of what the data is telling us. In other words, it’s about finding a third variable instead of simply trying to draw a connection between two existing ones.
  • Perhaps most importantly, when understood in this way, data can help us avoid making false conclusions. A dozen false or misunderstood statistics won’t help you draw an accurate answer.
  • Having worked with some of the largest fintech firms in the world (such as JP Morgan and Digital Currency Group), I learned how not to be a generalist. My primary roles tended to focus on equity research and emerging markets.
  • At these firms, I gained writing experience through produced written reports on trading strategies and market trends, contributions to thematic sector reports, and presentations and continuing communications with risk committees, auditors, and senior management.
  • While I gained a wealth of knowledge, working with these firms left me with the feeling that I wasn’t really contributing to anything meaningful outside of the office environment. That's why I transitioned to writing.
  • I ensure that my copy accurately conveys complicated concepts on niche technical subjects in a way your audience will find trustworthy and authentic, while also displaying authority over the material.
  • Half of technical writing is the writing itself, and the other half is the research process. I always conduct a thorough exploration into the subject at hand, which sometimes includes interviewing experts or professionals in their respective fields.
  • ‘Crypto’ is the word that everyone in the fintech space is thinking about right now, but many won’t be ashamed to admit they don’t have a lot of expertise in the field either. That’s where I come in.
  • I am a passionate decentralized finance (DeFi) advocate. I was an early contributor to yearn.finance.
  • I believe DeFi is both an inclusive way to empower everyday people in our developing world and the best strategy for integrating crypto into the global financial infrastructure.
  • I’ve also worked with Chainalysis, and it was here I learned the value in establishing cleaner crypto regulations (annd specifically through establishing stronger compliance controls and audit practices).
  • I’m a fan of Dune Analytics and the great work they’ve been doing in regards to developing on-chain analysis, which
  • I believe can help us to more effectively scrutinize critical data (such as network activity or active address tracking) than simple TA can in order to gain better insights into the crypto market.
  • I also often write about how financial organizations can build trust in blockchain, what regulators are currently thinking about crypto in financial services, and the applications for blockchain that go beyond cryptocurrency.

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Why Work With Me?

  • 1. I Know What I’m Talking About
    • I received a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Ohio State University.
    • Previous employment included Third Bank, then J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, and Digital Currency Group.
  • 2. I’m Very Passionate About Writing
    • I truly feel that writing about a topic as complicated as finance is incredibly fulfilling.
  • 3. I Can Explain Confusing Topics To An Everyday Audience
    • If finance is not your specialization, you need someone like me to provide seamless access to a world that can be very difficult to penetrate independently.
    • I also happen to be a self-proclaimed tech nerd, so I try to actively stay caught up in the worlds of fintech, blockchain, etc.
  • 4. I Want To Empower Others
    • I want others to walk away with a deeper understanding of how finance and economics play a major aspect in the material conditions that surround us.
    • I believe that by empowering others to access the financial realm, I myself am provided with a sense of fulfillment.


Though I’m now focused on freelance writing and other finance education projects, that’s not the way I started out.

For years, in fact, I was deeply embedded in the financial sector. I studied finance at the University of Cincinnati, and then worked at a local bank for four years. After teaching myself day trading, I went back to school for my MBA, and then worked for a string of major financial institutions. I analyzed emerging markets for JP Morgan and CitiGroup, and eventually moved to the Digital Currency Group.

This last role combined many of my passions.

I had been a keen (if amateur) coder since I was a young girl, and immediately realized that I could use those skills in decentralized finance. Since then, I’ve been a keen supporter of BTC, and have made it my mission to educate young people about the opportunities and challenges that it offers them.

To that end, I started a small community group in Cincinnati to help other black students learn about personal finance, and to help them overcome the challenges they will face if they want to make a career in the financial sector.

I’ve also worked as a financial educator, delivering lectures and workshops all over the country.

My work as a writer is inspired by the same concerns.

I like to think of my writing as an extension of my educational work:
explaining sometimes arcane financial concepts in accessible, readable, inspiring prose.
If you want to see what I can do, please get in touch!

Content Writing - Project Pricing

If you’re looking to outsource quality content about personal finance, fintech, blockchain, or crypto, I’m your gal.

I specialize in writing educational and practical content that closes the knowledge gap that exists in America, and to educate everyday people on their financial journey.

Below you can find pricing plans I offer for a long term writing engagement.

I look forward to hearing about your writing needs and how I can be of assistance.

10,000 Words
5 x 2,000 word articles
  • Premium, financial-focused content accessible for businesses on a budget:
  • 10,000 words of content delivered per month
  • Outlines for each article delivered for review
  • Revised to match existing content
  • Internal and external links included to sites of your choice
  • One round of revisions for each article delivered
40,000 Words
20 x 2,000 word articles
  • Scale your content production massively each month:
  • 40,000 words of content delivered per month
  • I’ll bring on an editor I trust to work on your content exclusively
  • I’ll conduct primary research and include quotes from industry experts